FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How many people can share a flight experience?
There are seats for 2 in the front and 4 in the back. Price is according to time, not on amount of participants.

I have never flown an airplane, is this experience suitable for me?

Yes! This experience is suitable for everyone and no previous experience is required.

On what languages do you do customer service?

Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian.

When can I cancel my booking without extra cost?
24 hours before planned flight.

Does the simulator move?

No! The simulator is a so called fixed-based simulator. Our 180 degree screen with High Definition quality creates the sense of movement. Real passenger planes do not move that much, except during takeoff and landing.

Can I use sport coupons (liikuntaseteli) for this service?

Yes, we take Smartum and Edenred.

Is there an age limit for the simulator?

No! This experience fits everybody! It can though be difficult to reach the aircraft's pedals if you are less than 170 cm long. Pedals are not an essential part of the flight process.

Can there only be one person at a time in the simulator?

No! Simulator pricing is based on time and therefore there can be at least 6 persons sitting inside of it with the same price.

Can I choose from which airport I want to takeoff and land?

Yes! We have the whole world simulated with around 24 000 airports!