Airbus A320 passenger aircraft simulator

Takeoff operates one fixed-based Airbus A320 simulator in the Finnish Aviation Museum. The simulator is suitable for professionals , aviation enthusiasts and first-time pilots. We use the latest simulator and computer technology in order to guarantee that all the systems and controls function as in the real Airbus aircraft.

Hydraulics, electrical, decompression are simulated and work as in the real airplane. This gives a complete training environment for each and every one.

The aircraft computers and autopilot give the opportunity to fly programmed routes, using standardized departures and arrivals. Also, nav, com, ADF and transponder radios are all simulated.

We have strived to make sure that the experience is as realistic as possible . The control forces and sounds are very genuine so you will feel like riding the real thing.

We also have a state of the art 180-degree projection screen, which guarantees spectacular sceneries for the pilots . The whole world is simulated with more than 24 000 airports.