Airbus A320

Takeoff operates a fixed-platform Airbus A320 simulator at the Aviation Museum in Vantaa, Finland. The simulator is suitable for professionals, aviation enthusiasts as well as first-timers.

We use the latest simulator and computer technology to ensure that almost all systems and controls work like on a real Airbus aircraft.

The hydraulics, electricity, pressurization are simulated and work like on a real airplane. This provides the perfect training environment for professionals as well as others interested in aviation.

Photo: Aleksi Hämäläinen

Airplane computers and autopilots allow you to fly programmed routes using standardized departures and
arrivals. Thus, it is possible to perform complete flight processes.

Everything has been taken into account to create the most realistic experience possible. The steering forces you feel are
created to be authentic and sounds ensure that you feel like you’re on a real aircraft.

We also have a state-of-the-art 200-degree display that guarantees stunning scenery for pilots.
The whole world and more than 24,000 airports are simulated.

The Airbus A320 series (also the A32S series) is a product family of narrow-body commercial aircraft with two jet turbine engines that vary in length and performance.

The aircraft is manufactured by Airbus. The A320 is the first version of the family and was later developed into an extended model
A321, as well as the shorter A319 and A318.