Welcome onboard!

Takeoff offers for the first time in Finland a highly realistic and fun experience flying a commercial airline like never before. The Airbus A320 simulator is equal size of the real one and with high definition visual screens, realistic sounds and highly detailed cockpit guarantees an unforgettable experience.

From inside of the simulator you can find all the necessary controls to operate the aircraft. The amount of knobs and switches can somewhat confusing at first but with the help of our instructors anyone can fly this awesome airplane. The simulator environment is astonishingly realistic and you can also see this by visiting our feedback section with comments from our customers. We have chosen a few preplanned flights to our services package and addition to this we are more than happy to hear your special wishes on how you want to experience your flight.

Takeoff experience flight is the best gift you can give to your family member, friends and colleagues! We can make a gift card specially planned for you. We guarantee it will be a gift that will succeed! Buy your gift card from here.

So jump to the Captain´s seat and take off!