Fear of Flying Course

This course is designed to help people who have a fear of flying. During the course we will go through aircraft operations, emergency situations, why the aircraft causes certain sounds, and you will also fly the aircraft.

Fear of flying is common, and in worst case, it can ruin your holiday plans. Takeoff wants to help alleviate the fear and open up the secrets of aircrafts, so that during your next flight you will know exactly what it is going on. Our course does not concentrate on psychology but rather concrete things that happen with the aircraft. There will not be a professional psychologists present.

The course consists of three 30 minute sessions:

  1. 30 minutes of theory (thunder, wind, ice, turbulence, how airplanes fly, statistics, stall)
  2. 30 minutes flight around Helsinki which you will be performing.
  3. 30 minutes flight during which we will turn off the engines at 20 000 feet and plan our way to the nearest airport without engine power.

Please contact us, and let us plan together a suitable course for you.