Finnair full flight -simulators - instructions

The place of experience can be found at: Finnair Flight Academy, Pyhtäänkorventie 11-13, 01530 Vantaa

Appointments can be made by email. Send a message to and let us know which airplane you want, how long the flight will be and give us 3 different times that could fit into your calendar. We can also do tailor made solutions for you.

The flights always include an about 30 minutes briefing before the actual booked flight, where we go through the most important things in the cockpit. That is, if you book your flight time from 15:00 to 16:00, please arrive as early as 14:30.

Payment is done in advance in these simulators. The best way is to buy a gift card from our site. We can also send you an invoice in your email.

-All of our pilots are professional
-we recommend using masks
-all visitors must use seat belts while in the simulator
-we have zero tolerance for use of alcohol-you can freely take pictures and videos as long as you don't show in them Finnair's logo
-you cannot take any beverages or snacks inside the simulator
-in general you cannot cancel a booking except for health reasons. In case of any cancellation we strive to a solution that no costs we come to the customer.