Takeoff Simulations Ltd.
Energiakatu 3
00180 Helsinki, Finland

The simulator does not have actual opening hours, we are working according to orders.

Tel: +358 20 7349 640


Parking is available inside of the Salmiparkki parking which you can find at the end of Energiakatu -street.

Prices range from daytime 3 euros/hour to 1 euro/hour on the weekends.

Free places you can find on the weekend by the sea embankment.

Short term 15 minutes parking and invalid parking right in front of the main doors.


  • Ruoholahti metro station is about 800 meters away.
  • Porkkalankatu's Espoo bus stops are about 700 meters away.
  • There are piers for boaters nearby
  • No runways nearby for airplanes but seaplane access is possible:)